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"It’s all about the moment,
capturing it and sharing the experience with the viewer in a cinematic,
but also creative way"


To have a plan is the key of a good video. I’m here to lay your ideas on the paper, and plan the energy and time consuming production ahead, minute by minute.


“The day will go fast”

On the set, I can operate the camera, direct actors, light a scene and much more.


Editing is the way the story unveils to the viewer’s eye. I edit, give a touch of magic if needed, and grade your video in order to get a polished product.

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I make films, and I work on a variety of professional projects (films, news, music video clip, corporate, color correction, special effects). I like to confront all kinds of needs, constraints and demands in the field. The goal of my job is to make your projects a reality!

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